Athletes should:

  1. Treat others with the same respect and fairness that you wish to receive.
  2. Uphold the same values off the field as you do when engaged in athletics.
  3. Anticipate your own needs, be organized and on time.
  4. Thank those who help you participate in athletics.
  5. Inform the coach of any other coaching you are receiving.
  6. Show patience with and respect diversity in others.
  7. Act with dignity at all times.
  8. Notify a responsible adult if you have to go somewhere (why, where and when you will return).
  9. Not respond if someone seeks private information, unrelated to athletics e.g. home life.
  10. Use safe transport or travel arrangements.
  11. Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletic venues as you find them.
  12. Never engage in any illegal or irresponsible behaviour.
  13. Challenge anyone whose behaviour falls below the expected standards of ‘Athletics Welfare’.