Please understand the risks attached with Covid-19 and that you are aware of the Risk Assessment, which has been designed to minimise those risks 

Remember to keep 1m apart when running and BE SENSIBLE

We can’t relax our policies, so follow the guidelines. If you can, carry a hand sanitiser or gel

Take a note of the others on your run and give these details to Jackie as soon as possible afterwards

Jackie Faulkner is the club Covid-19 Officer. She will hold all nominal rolls from any training sessions for 14 days. They will then be destroyed.
Jackie has all club member contact details, so if your details change, please let both Linda and Jackie know, so that we have the correct details for you.
These details will be used for Track and Trace if any member consequently suffers any signs and/or symptoms of Covid-19 after a training run or session.

Your help and cooperation during this pandemic is very much appreciated.
As a club we can help stop the spread of the virus and keep safe as a result.