Thursday Training Runs – all from Broadway CP

Week 37 starting 13 Sep:2.6 miles 4.5 miles5.5 miles 7.3 miles Week 38 starting 20 Sep:2.8 miles 3.8 miles5 miles 5.8 miles   Week 39 starting 27 Sep:2.5 miles 3.5 miles4.5 miles 5.3 miles6.5 miles

Other Training sessions

Saturday 25 Sep:5m run with Alan. Meet at Dean Cross CP 9amSunday 26 Sep:Check out Fb Monday 27 Sep:Reps session with Alan. Meet at Broadway CP 6:15pm Thursday 23 Sep:4 Club routes. Meet at Broadway car park 6:15pm. See Fb for route details.Thursdays also includes the C25K Improvers Group. Warm up and 3-4m run