Couch to 5km (C25K). Click me

Starting on 10 Jan 2022: If you would like to start running, but are not sure where to go, or how do go about it, fear not, because we have just the thing for you! Our Couch to 5km course will take you from complete beginner to a 5km race athlete! One of our experienced […]

Other Training sessions. Click me

Saturday 4 Dec:5-6 mile run with Bill. 9min/mile. Meet at Morrisons 8amSunday 5 Dec:See Fb. Monday 6 Dec:Sprints session with Alan. Meet at Broadway CP 6:15pm Tuesday 7 Dec:? Wednesday 8 Dec:Trail run? Thursday 9 Dec:4 routes. Meet at the Church Hall 6:15pm Thursdays also includes the C25K Improvers Group. Warm up and 3-4m run

Thursday Training Runs. Click me

Week 49 Thursday 9 Dec.Pub NightTeas: Alan + 1Out and back Enbankment Road Week 50 Thursday 16 DecTeas: Karen + Katie3 miles3.6 miles4.4 miles or 5.8 miles(contains a loop that you can miss out) Week 51 Thursday 23 Dec: Alan + 1 (Christmas run, Mince Pies, Cream & Mulled Wine)3 pub run or 4 pub […]