Beat the Train

When: 09/04/2022 - 09:15:00

Where: South Devon Railway’s Totnes Riverside Station

All aboard!!! The Race is a long 10K (6.8 Trail Miles) in South Devon where you will race a steam train in an out and back trail route through the beautiful Dartington Hall Estate.


  • Carla TUNNICLIFFE (1st F & 4th Overall):00:49:50
  • Rachael DOONAN (1st FV50):00:56:58
  • Dawn LAMERTON (2nd FV55):01:07:06
  • Katie CHAMBERS (3rd FV50):01:07:35
  • Sarah CROSS:01:12:01
  • Jackie FAULKNER:01:15:53
  • Karen LAWSON:01:23:22


  • Bill CHRISTIE (3rd MV60):01:04:38
  • Steve PITTAWAY:01:05:03