Grizzly 2023

When: 05/03/2023 - 10:30:00

Where: Seaton Gateway, The Town Hall, Seaton EX12 2LD

Grizzly participants can expect 3000′ ascent over 20 miles, with two sections of pebble beaches, totalling over a mile; two energy sapping bogs, where runners are often up to their waists in water and mud; and the infamous “Stairway to Heaven”, a steep path up the side of a cliff. Cub participants will experience the two sections of pebble beaches and the Stairway to Heaven over the 9 mile course.


  • Carla TUNNICLIFFE:02:53:34
  • Jemma PHILLIS:03:54:14
  • Helen METHERELL:04:23:45


  • Graham BALE (🥇 in cat):02:48:18
  • Sean DOOGAN:03:54:14