Ivybridge 10k

When: 07/05/2022 - 18:30:00

Where: Starts at the Ivybridge Station car park, finishes at the Rugby Club

The Ivybridge 10k was back in bumper fashion on Saturday evening with 548 runners finishing the popular race in hot conditions. The event, hosted by Erme Valley Harriers, had not been run since 2019 due to the Covid pandemic, but athletes turned out in force for its return. The course was relatively fast, despite the steep hill from Bittaford to Moorhaven.


  • Rachael DOONAN (1st F50):00:46:32
  • Jemma PHILLIS (1st F35):00:48:13
  • Brigitte TAVERNA:00:50:17
  • Laura WILLS:00:54:26
  • Katie BENTLEY:00:57:46
  • Zoe ANNING:00:57:59
  • Helen BOULDEN:00:59:24
  • Ilona ROSSON-JONES:01:02:55
  • Jackie FAULKNER:01:05:05


  • Richard SHELLEY (1st M50):00:35:25
  • Graham BALE:00:42:19
  • Bill CHRISTIE:00:54:02
  • Stephen COOKSLEY:00:56:45
  • Jon DOONAN:00:57:44
  • Tilly TOLCHER:00:58:01
  • Stephen LEONARD:00:58:17
  • George BARNICOTT:01:02:55
  • Matthew RULE:01:07:50