Parkrun – Central Park (Couch to 5k Graduation Run)

When: 12/03/2022 - 09:00:00

Where: Central Park, Outland Road (A386), Milehouse, Plymouth, PL3 4HQ

Join us for the Couch to 5k Graduation Run and help celebrate with our new members running their first parkrun at Central Park after completing PRR 9 week programme.

If this is your first parkrun remember to register online @ and to bring a copy of your barcode.


  • Natasha ROPER:00:33:07
  • Rachael DIXON:00:33:38
  • Chloe SHERWIN:00:33:40
  • Charlotte HARRIS:00:33:57
  • Georgina CHANDLER:00:34:21
  • Julie WOTTON:00:37:55
  • Jackie CRANER:00:40:32
  • Helen GREEN:00:40:43
  • Rosie DURBIN:00:42:35
  • Nicola SPIERS:00:42:21
  • Natalie TOLCHER:00:42:47
  • Rebecca ELLERKER:00:44:21


  • Murphy DOBSON:00:26:16
  • Tilly TOLCHER:00:28:50
  • Darren WOTTON:00:34:38
  • Matthew RULE:00:37:24
  • John JEWELL:00:39:08